2. HASP Authentication Keys

New for VBS2 1.50 all VBS2 installations will use HASP SRM (previous versions used HASP HL). HASP SRM is a newer version of the HASP copy protection and encryption system that is employed to ‘lock’ an installation of VBS2 to a USB Key and also encrypt content to prevent unauthorized access and use. HASP SRM provides copy, IP, hacking and data protection through a very strong 128bit AES encryption algorithm. Executables and content are encrypted so that they can only be operated on computers that possess an appropriate license.

The process of starting VBS2 will depend on the type of license you have purchased. If you are using VBS2 Lite please skip straight to “Program Execution” below.

2.1 Single License USB Key

If you have been provided with a blue or purple (not time-limited), or black (time-limited) USB key, insert the USB key into the computer you want to operate VBS2. Go to “Program Execution

2.2 Network License USB Key

If you have been provided with a red USB key, insert the USB key into a computer where VBS2 has been previously installed. The computer should be on a Windows network connected to the other workstations that will be running VBS2 (preferably with no firewalls operating).

From VBS2 1.50 onwards the license manager is now contained in the Sentinel HASP Admin Control Center (see below). The Configuration section contains tabs which allow you to adjust access for clients and hasp servers. see: http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html and http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_from.html.

2.3 Sentinel HASP Admin Control Center:

You can access the Sentinel HASP Control Center by opening http://localhost:1947 in your browser. The Control Center is available on every PC with the HASP runtime installed and is used to check the status and availability of licenses and to create a diagnostic report.

Image 1-6: The Sentinel HASP Admin Control Center

Please refer to http://localhost:1947/_int_/ACC_help_index.html for more information.


Now go to “Program Execution